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What is your life speaking to you?

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About My Approach

We move through life as individuals, relationship partners, and members of valued groups. Along the way, we can encounter situations that are difficult to integrate with our understanding of ourselves, questions about meaning or purpose in our lives, and uncertainty about how to step into the future. Through Biography and Social Art work, we will explore past experiences, bring them into movement through artistic activities, and begin to find the golden threads that run through your life story. This work is grounded in the belief that you hold within yourself all of the keys for unlocking meaning in your life.

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Services and Areas of Focus

I offer private consultations, as well as public and private workshops, on a wide range of themes. Some of my areas of interest are listed below. Public workshops are listed on the Events page.


Grief and Loss

From relationships to jobs to abilities, experiencing loss evokes feelings of grief that can be difficult to bear. How can you find ways to honor what you have lost, create a space to hold the grief of others, and learn what resilience means for you?


Aging and Eldering

Getting older or witnessing the aging of loved ones can evoke many questions and a wish that the wisdom of life can be passed on to others while there is time. How can you learn to see the arc of life in new ways that reveal its inherent wisdom and the power of the human story?


Emerging Adulthood

Becoming a "grownup" can be an exciting time, as well as one full of difficult decisions and uncertainty. How can you open yourself to your own path, keep an eye out for your next right step, and move forward with both confidence and humility?

Bridge Over River

Peace and Reconciliation

Important family and community relationships can become strained by divisions and tensions that seem to grow more and more intractable. How can building the capacities for storytelling and deep listening help to bring us back into right relationship with one another?

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