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Resources and Tools for Working Together

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What to

Private consultations typically begin with a question about how to make sense of some aspect of your life or life-in-relationship. Starting from this question, I will use the tools of biography and social art to connect this question to the threads of your life story. How are the moments of the past related to this moment? How have you carried this theme in different phases of your life? Where have you experienced turning points, and what journeys have they sent you on?

Our work will build over several sessions, allowing the story to begin to open up and the pieces to fit together. The first 90-minute session for new clients is designed to prepare the soil for this work, as we loosen and gather some of thee elements of your life story. Follow-up sessions will be tailored to the questions and themes you are working with.

I bring a wide range of activities into our sessions to facilitate this process, from artistic activities to expressive writing to working with elements of fairy tales and other stories. Each provides a unique entry point into the dynamics of your biography.

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Is this therapy?

You might find that certain aspects of this work resemble counseling or therapy. However, my role is not to provide therapy or counsel. Instead, you can think of me as a companion on a journey of self-discovery. Like a guide on a mountain climb, I can speak from experience, suggest paths to explore, and serve as a sounding board, but ultimately you must climb the mountain for yourself. And also like a good guide, if I think your case is better suited for working with a counselor or therapist, I will let you know. I am not licensed as a counselor or therapist and cannot accept any form of insurance payment.

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